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Victors Celtic Coffee Company & Roasters

Costa Rican

Costa Rican

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Acidity: Costa Rican coffee is known for its balanced flavor and nutty notes. The bright acidity \settles in the perfect range between citrusy and malic (like green apples). This is due to the high altitude at which the beans are grown. which slows the ripening process and preserves more of the natural acids.

Body: Our Costa Rican beans have a medium body. This makes it not too thin or too heavy.  This makes it a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed both black or with cream and sugar.

Flavor: Victors' Costa Rican is roasted to a medium level. preserving the delicate flavors while bringing out sweetness and body at the same time muting some of the acidity of a lighter roasted Costa Rican Bean, giving the coffee a very slight smoky flavor,

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