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Victors Celtic Coffee Company & Roasters

Java Jane

Java Jane

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A fascinating dance of contrasting character, like yin and yang in a cup. 

Aroma: Aromatic waltz: Imagine a tango between earthy, herbal notes of Sumatran beans and the gentle caramel-nut sweetness of Costa Rican. Hints of spice weave through. The cardamom from Sumatra and cinnamon from Costa Rica, adding intrigue.

Taste: Richness and vibrancy: Costa Rican coffee's full-bodied smoothness as the base, offering nutty and caramel layers. Sumatran's intense earthy presence adds depth and complexity, like dark chocolate infused with damp forest floor.

Acidity tango: Expect a lively interplay of acidity. Costa Rica's often bright, citrusy acidity with the subtler, almost wine-like acidity of some Sumatran beans, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

Finish: Clean and lingering: The blend finishes clean, with no harsh bitterness. with lingering whispers of earthy spice from Sumatra or a touch of sweet caramel from Costa Rica.

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