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Victors Celtic Coffee Company & Roasters

Redmond Slough

Redmond Slough

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Combining six coffees from such diverse origins as Guatemalan, Colombian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Mexican, and Sumatran is a truly adventurous coffee experiment! Here's what you can expect:

Aroma: Aromatic explosion: Prepare for a sensory overload, a kaleidoscope of scents where: The rich, chocolatey aroma of Guatemalan beans mingles with the floral sweetness of Ethiopian. The nutty toastiness of Costa Rican coffee dances with the spicy warmth of Mexican beans. The citrusy vibrancy of Colombian Supremo blends with the earthy, herbal notes of Sumatran Mandheling.

Taste: Flavorful odyssey: Your palate will embark on a journey, encountering: The full-bodied smoothness of Costa Rican and Colombian beans as the base. The bold chocolatey depths of Guatemalan and earthy complexity of Sumatran coffees adding layers of intensity. The bright, citrusy acidity of Ethiopian beans cutting through the richness, while Mexican spices provide warmth and a subtle kick.

Finish: Clean and complex: Despite the initial intensity, the blend will finish clean, with lingering notes. A touch of citrusy sweetness from Ethiopian beans. A hint of chocolatey richness from Guatemalan or Colombian origins. A whisper of earthy spice from Sumatran or Mexican varieties.

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