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Victors Celtic Coffee Company & Roasters

Victors Espresso Blend

Victors Espresso Blend

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Expect a complex fragrance, a dance of:
Rich chocolate and nutty aromas from Columbian and Guatemalan beans.
Spicy warmth and earthy hints from Mexican and Sumatran origins with a touch of caramel sweetness peeking through.


This is where the real adventure begins:
A full-bodied experience with layers of flavor dancing on your tongue.
Columbian's smooth base is accented by Guatemalan's chocolatey depths and Mexican's spicy warmth.
Sumatran's earthy complexity adds an intriguing twist.

Acidity will play a role, with Colombian and Guatemalan, offering contrasting brightness to the bolder tones.


Ideally, clean and satisfying, with no lingering bitterness.
You will be left with a whisper of:
Nutty sweetness from Columbian.
Spicy warmth from Mexican.
Earthy undertones from Sumatran.
A lingering citrusy acidity from Colombian or Guatemalan origins.

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